Vacuum The New Energy Bank allows to Borrow Energy from Empty Space

Energy from Vacuum

Researchers at TU Vienna, IIT Kharagpur, and the Universite libre de Bruxelles have published a study stating that energy can be borrowed from the vacuum. The study points out the significance of negative energy in quantum physics. It also says that it can be taken on lease from vacuum. However, like any other bank, the energy loan has to be repaid with interest. The scientists have named this interest as quantum interest.

As per quantum physics, the value of energy is always greater than zero. But, past researches have proved the existence of negative energy in the vacuum. However, there is a limit of borrowing the energy from vacuum depending upon the magnitude of a quantum particle.

According to Prof. Daniel Grumiller, they did not know about the interest rate for a long period of time. However, with numerous experiments and studies, they have defined the existence of quantum interest but no definite value can yet published.

Effects of Gravity on Vacuum Energy

Gravity plays an important role in defining the nature of negative energy. Usually, gravity always has a positive value implying that it will attract a body towards another object with greater mass. However, in the case of negative, this nature of gravity shows totally opposite behavior. In this scenario, gravity act as a repulsive force that repels the two objects from one another.

Again Prof. Daniel Grumiller states that Quantum Null Energy Conditions which were proven in 2017 have a significant impact upon the amount of the energy that can be borrowed and the amount that has to be paid back. He also, says that the existence of energy in vacuum does not means that the law of conservation of energy is violated. Since nature loves and favors symmetry, to compensate for the flow of negative energy in a particular location, there must be channelized positive energy in the immediate vicinity.

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