Mukta Gaikwad

Hydroponics Farming – “The NextGen of Agricultural Science & Farming Technology”

The nascent stage of development of the global hydroponics market ensures the presence of ample growth opportunities for new companies, states Transparency Market Research in a recent report. The level of competition is expected to intensify in the near future as companies start realizing the vast growth opportunities that the market offers, leading to a fairly populated vendor landscape and a rich product portfolio for business across the globe. Companies

How IoT Solutions Revolutionizing Global Oil & Gas Industry?

With the increasing number of energy exploration enterprises are turning to automation, in an effort to lower the operation and maintenance costs as well as cope up the lack of skilled labor, they have to incur in the process, the global market for Internet of things (IoT) solutions for the oil and gas industry is witnessing a positive growth. An upward movement in the market can be observed with many

Researchers Discover Role of Gut Bacteria Metabolism in Gut Health

Researchers at UC Davis Health, California have discovered that feeding gut microbes dietary fiber can help them maintain gastrointestinal (GI) health. The research was published on August 11 in the journal Science. The result is significant for scientists in identifying a potential therapeutic target for favorably influencing gut microbiota in edging out harmful bacteria. Furthermore, it expand our understanding of the puzzling interplay between tens of trillions of bacteria and

MeadCo Introduces ScriptX 8.0 for Customers in Oil & Gas Industry

MeadCo, a U.K-based company specializing in the development of web-technology utilities and application tools for Microsoft Windows, has in April, 2017 launched ScriptX 8.0 to support the latest printing technology in the oil and gas industry. The new release is especially designed for the Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer (IE) 11, and promises to support its licensees for any update or newer version Microsoft may introduce in the coming years.

Well-Safe Solutions Successfully made its First Acquisitions

Well-Safe Solutions, a noteworthy new participant to North Sea decommissioning and a specialist well prosperous company, has taken over Intervention Project Management (IPM) for an undisclosed amount last week. IPM’s organizer and overseeing chief, Phil Milton, has been designated CEO of Well-Safe Solutions that has been set up to profit by the huge decommissioning opportunity in the North Sea by giving a historic way to deal with the safe and