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Regulating Bone Marrow Protein can Improve Stem Cell Transplants

A recent study has identified a key protein capable of regulating the process of new blood cells, including immune cells, which can potentially improve bone and stem cell transplants for donors as well as recipients. The researchers at Technical University of Dresden, Germany, led by the University of Pennsylvania, USA, found that a protein known as Del-1 occupies a key role in the process of hematopoiesis. In addition, researchers inferred

Demand of Green Consumables to Bolster Reusable Water Bottle Market Globally

Reusability and recyclability of consumables is a significant factor when considering its eligibility toward keeping the environment free of undesirable waste and pollutants. The rise in awareness regarding the importance of eliminating toxic chemicals derived from plastic bottles from the food chain is reported to be a major influence in the upturn of the global reusable water bottle market. Manufacturers are now moving toward the idea of bottles with reusable

Offshore Wind Executive Summit Focuses on Opportunities for Oil and Gas Firms

A summit was planned last week for Offshore Wind Executive, where the end goal was to  focus on the  offshore wind business openings that offshore oil and gas chain firms could exploit, it was clear amid the meeting that the US offshore oil and gas firms have a great deal to instruct offshore wind. To begin with, as indicated by Randall Luthi, leader of the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA),

Industry Regulators Unable to Predict How Future Emission Regulations will affect Power Plants

Depending on the size and type, the building of new power plants can cost hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. These power plants mostly run for over 40 years. However, future is unpredictable. Many of the industry regulators and electricity industry planners are unable to predict how stringent the rules regarding greenhouse emissions will be. Knowing this is vital because today’s investment will be affected by policies that

Researchers Develop Self-healing Rubber

Researchers Li-Heng Cai from the Harvard, Jinrong Wu from the Sichuan University, China, and David A. Weitz from Mallinckrodt have, in collaboration, developed a rubber that heals itself. The study that was published in the journal Advanced Materials states that the hybrid rubber developed by these Harvard researchers has both reversible and covalent bonds, enriching the rubber with the capability of repairing itself. While a variety of self-healing materials are