Canadians to Prefer Mobile Devices to Shop in Upcoming Holiday Season

A new study by Angus Reid, which was commissioned by PayPal, one of the world’s leading international companies in the field of online payments, suggests that Canadians will use mobile devices as the preferred medium for to shop in the upcoming holiday shopping season. The study reveals that Canadians will purchase holiday gifts worth more than $2.5 bn using mobile devices.

The study also states that over 35% of the total number of transactions processed by PayPal in the third quarter of this year were done using a mobile device. The company expects to see a massive rise in mobile commerce in the country in the upcoming peak holiday season. According to the study, mobile shoppers in Canada will spend over $200 for buying holiday gifts using their mobile devices. This is fairly close to the average $275 that consumers plan to spend on holiday gifts bought from physical stores. Several consumers will also use mobile devices to research products and compare prices.

The latest shopping trend seen in this holiday season will be social commerce – the act of purchasing or selling directly using social media platforms. The results of the survey also show that one-fourth of consumers in Canada who own their mobile devices plan to buy gifts directly by clicking on pop-up advertisements on their social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Of the overall Canadian population, the millennials (37%) will drive social commerce, Gen X’ers will follow with a 23% and 12% of Baby Boomers will shop using their mobile devices.

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