Competitive Assessment of Arosis Beans Market

Arosis Beans Market: Market Overview

Arosis beans are the popular bean in the U.S. commonly used for filling the burritos. The bean can be used in mashed form or in the refried form. The arosis beans can be used as young pods either harvested or cooked and are used in preparation of many dishes especially the refried ones. The beans are most commonly found in the Brazilian cuisine and is considered asstaple  food in the country known to be cultivated since 3000 BC. Arosis beans are cultivated along with other foods such as rice, pasta, manioc and other food products which are rich in starch along with corn based products. The arosis beans are very low in saturated fat and are considered as rich  source of manganese, protein, and phosphorus and are high in folate and dietary fiber. Arosis beans are extensively used as protein replacement food across the regions which have low availability of meat/flesh. The global Arosis beans market is expected to register significant growth over the forecast period owing to their extensive applications as an protein rich food across the globe.

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Arosis Beans Market: Market Dynamics

The global arosis beans market is rapidly growing due to increasing uses of arosis beans in various industries such as textile industry, food, and beverage industry, paper industry, cosmetics and others. The low price of arosis beans over guar gum is expected to be the key driving factor for the growth of global arosis beans market. Applications of arosis beans in oil and drilling fluids is also fuelling the growth of global arosis beans market. Moreover,  growing demand for convenience food is expected to contribute towards the escalating market revenues of the arosis beans over the forecast period.  Increasing healthcare awareness among consumers globally is driving the consumption of low cholesterol food which is further contributing towards the market growth of arosis beans over the forecast period.

Other factors driving the global arosis beans market are growing application of arosis beans in in paper and in nutraceutical industry. Although the global arosis beans market is growing still producers are earning less profit due to its low prices worldwide.  This is anticipated to result in supply issues in future, which can be a restraint to the growth of arosis beans market. Moreover, the uncertain climate conditions are also can be the restraint to the growth of global arosis beans market.

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Arosis Beans Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographies, the global arosis beans market is segmented into seven main regions including  North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan, Japan, and Middle East & Africa. Among the above-mentioned regions, North America accounts for substantial value share in arosis beans market, owing to the high concern about the health and busy lifestyle in the region. Europe is followed by North America for arosis beans market. The Asia Pacific market for arosis beans accounts for significant volume share, owing to growing population and increasing health concern in the region. Latin America and the Middle East & Africa region also growing at a moderate rate, attributed to increasing domestic income of the consumer. Overall, the outlook of global arosis beans market will have a positive growth over the forecast period, owing to the health concern of the consumers as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

Arosis Beans Market: Key Players

The prominent players in the arosis beans market are Bush Brothers & Company, Amy’s Kitchen, Inc., B&G Foods, Way Better Snacks, Teasdale Foods, Azure Standard, Walhalla Bean Company, Yellowstone Bean Company, Beans R4U, Inc. and Washington Bean Dealers Association.

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