Fire-Resistant Lithium Batteries could be the Way Forward

Lithium batteries are extensively used in the consumer electronics industry due to their useful properties. However, the risks associated with the continual use of old and obsolete lithium batteries have been a matter of concern. Lithium batteries, in worn out or damaged state, can burst into flame, and this may affect the electronic device as well. In severe cases, the bursting of lithium batteries can lead to wild fires, loss of human life, and infrastructural damages. A team of researchers has developed a new variant of Fire-Resistant lithium batteries that do not burn on getting old or tattered. The use of certain liquids that can attain solid state on impact has proved to be an inexpensive tactic for manufacturing safe, sound and Fire-Resistant lithium batteries.

Countering Battery Failure

The electrodes of a lithium battery are separated by a plastic strip, and if the plastic strip fails, the electrodes can come in contact with each other to cause a fire explosion. In order to counter the situation, the researchers have used an electrolyte that is in solid state and prevents the electrodes from coming in contact. This in turn helps in preventing these electrodes from catching fire, thus, enhancing the safety of the batteries.

Future Research

Several other laboratories have been engaged in the development of safer and sound Fire-Resistant lithium batteries, one of them has even used thickening as a means to produce fire-resistant batteries. The results from the current research are expected to open doors for several other labs and research centers to effectuate their research.

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