Global Efficiency Record for Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Organic Photovoltaic cells have been revolutionizing the energy domain over the past decade, and researchers have continually invented new models of photovoltaic cells with enhanced efficiency. Along similar lines, a team of researchers in China conducted extensive research and testing to produce high-efficiency photovoltaic cells. The efficiency achieved by these photovoltaic cells is easily the highest amongst all the marks recorded over the past decades. The efforts to produce efficient photovoltaic cells have been made over the past decades; however, the charge on organic materials has acted as a roadblock to effective execution. Organic materials help in building light weight cells and are also cleaner than other materials. Furthermore, organic materials can be easily bended which makes them useful for building organic photovoltaic cells.

New Findings and Techniques

Although organic materials have a high efficiency, they do not perform as well as the inorganic materials. However, in this research, the researchers have found a way of building organic photovoltaic cells whose efficiency is as high as 17.3%. None of the previous models of organic photovoltaic cells exceeded an efficiency of 15% while the silicon-based models reached the 18 to 22 percent slab. The researchers strategically predicted the materials that could come in handy for multi-layer use, and this became a launch pad for their success.

Inferences from Research

The scientists combined the traits of two materials in order to reach the results of their study. The conversion of sunlight to electrical energy was analysed through the use of two materials. The researchers predicted that their findings will pave way for the production of cells with 25% efficiency.

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