Inductor Market Size to Expand Significantly by the End of 2025

Inductor is a device which stores electrical energy in a magnetic field. An inductor consists of an electrical conductor which is wound into a coil around a core.It stores electrical energy in a magnetic field. Inductors are used in analog circuits and signal processing. An inductor is an essential component of electronic devices such as TV, mobile phones, and computers.Electronic appliances, automotive, and telecom sectors are the largest endusers of inductors.RF and power electronics has the most wide scale application of inductors. Inductors are available in various types such as air core, iron core, laminated core, and ceramic core among others. The selection of an inductor is mostly done on the basis of the material of core, design, and pricing.

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The increasingdemand for electronic devices and appliances across industries has driven the demand for inductors. Since an inductor is an essential component of an electronic or power circuit,the demand for inductors is expected to be high in future. Rapid growth of the smartphone market offers significant growth potential to the inductor market in the smart phone sector. Smart phone manufacturers today focus on introducing sleek and compact smart phones. This drives the need for designing electronic components which occupy less space in order to reduce the thickness of the device.Thus, the need to introduce small and compact electronic devices drives the demand for small size inductors to a significant extent. Consumer demand for portable and sleek electronic devices is expected to be a major factor contributing to investments made in designing and developing compact and effective inductors. The soaring demand for electronic goods and appliances is expected to drive the demand for inductors in the electronic and power electronic sectors. Inductor manufacturers focus ondesigning and developingfor more efficient applications. The anticipated demand for green energy applications is expected to drive the demand for switch mode power supplies (SMPS), as a result of which the demand for passive components such as inductors is expected to rise significantly in the near future.

The availability of a variety of inductors makes it challenging to select the right inductor as per application.Selection of the right inductor is done depending upon the application and design of the electronic circuit. Performance, current rating, cost, and size are also some of the key factors considered while selecting an inductor for an application. As copper is a major component in the manufacture of inductors, fluctuation in prices of copper affects the pricing of inductors.

The inductor market is segmented on the basis of type, core type, application, and region. The market by type has been segmented as fixed inductors, RF inductors, coupled inductors, multi-layered inductors, power inductors, variable inductors, and others. The inductor market has been classified into air core, laminated core, ceramic core, and ferromagnetic core on the basis of core type. The market by application has been classified into automotive, industrial, telecommunication, and others.The market by region has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East &Africa.The market by country has been segmented into the U.S., Canada, Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Brazil, and Argentina.

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Some of the key players in the inductormarket include TDK Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Vishay Intertechnology Inc., Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd., Chilisin Electronics Corp., Delta Electronics, Inc., Panasonic Corporation, ABC Taiwan Electronics Corporation, Pulse Electronics Corporation, Coilcraft, Inc., Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co., Ltd., Bourns, Inc., Sumida Corporation., Ice Components, Inc., API Delevan, Inc., Caddell- Burns Manufacturing Co., Inc., Datatronic Distribution, Inc., Houston Transformer Company, and AVX Corporation.

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