New Report Offers Analysis on the Global Corn Gluten Meal Market

Global Corn Gluten Meal Market: Snapshot

Corn gluten meal (CGM) is one of the useful byproducts obtained from the corn milling industry which has a variety of applications in the industries such as the food and beverages and agriculture. Owing to its high-protein content, corn gluten meal has been traditionally used as supplement in the hog feed industry and typically doesn’t contain gluten. Recently, it has been popularly used as a cost-effective aquaculture feed, in making corn-based snack products, and in various common food and feed products. In recent years, there have been widespread interest in the usage of corn-gluten meal as a pre-emergent herbicide due to its weed-inhibiting properties. There is soaring popularity among agriculturists world over, especially in developed nations, for exploring the application of CGM as an organic alternative to common chemically-derived herbicides.

The scope has been highly debated in recent years and several studies and field trials in the U.S. majorly investigate the effectiveness of corn gluten meal as natural pre-emergent herbicide in controlling a variety of weeds and their superiority over chemical-based pesticides. Typically containing 10% nitrogen by weight, corn gluten meal released into the atmosphere over a period of three to four months. It prevents seeds from forming roots during germinating, and when already germinated, CGM can only act as a fertilizer for the weeds. In addition, unarguably, corn gluten meal is not helpful in providing post-emergent weed control. The timing of the application is also critical. Moreover, the failure to apply an adequate weed removal method prior to its application may actually act as counter-effective by boosting the growth of the weed.

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Corn Gluten Meal: Market Overview

Corn gluten meal is a byproduct of corn milling process and is a natural substitute for synthetic herbicides as it also prevents grass and weed seeds from sprouting without hurting existing plant. It has high value in pet food industry due to its natural high-protein content, it is used in aquaculture feed too as it is cost-effective than the fish meal. Corn gluten meal is a high source of carbohydrates, iron, and phosphorus. One of the major use of corn gluten meal is to add texture and taste to the product. Corn gluten meal is produced in different forms like dry-loose, dry-pellets and wet. Corn gluten meal contains 10% nitrogen by weight, which makes it a good fertilizer for plants with well-established roots. Corn gluten meal offers non-toxic weed and feed product which is more effective than traditional or chemical based weed and feed product.

Corn Gluten Meal: Market Trends and Drivers

The corn gluten meal market is primarily driven by the rise in demand for corn based snack products as well as gluten free products. Where current trend leads to continuous product innovation and development in terms of ingredients and product variants which is essential for the sustainability in the industry. Growing demand for the corn flour by snacks manufacturers worldwide is also responsible for driving the market growth. Due to long-term ecological effects of synthetic chemicals consumers are shifting towards the natural weed and feed control products which includes corn gluten meal. Also, in Ontario pesticides are banned due to unnecessary risk to human health which increased the demand for the corn gluten meal. One of the key driver for the increase in demand for the corn gluten meal is use of ethanol as a fuel is increasing worldwide which is obtained from corn gluten meal.

Corn Gluten Meal: Market Segmentation

Corn gluten meal can be segmented on the basis of its forms as, unprocessed corn gluten meal, granulated corn gluten meal and pelletized corn gluten meal. Unprocessed corn gluten meal have powder structure and is applied directly on the plantings, granulated form is a spreader which is mixed with water for use and pelletized can be broadcast by hand.

Corn gluten meal is segmented on the basis of application as herbicides in lawns for feed and weed purposes. Corn gluten meal is used as animal/ pet feed and as taste enhancer. Also, it can be used as animal or pet food as it is source of proteins, energy and pigments. Corn gluten meal is typically used for poultry feed, cattle feed, pig feed and aqua feeds.

Corn gluten meal is segmented on the basis of process as wet-milling process and dry-milling process. Wet-milling process is done to remove high value corn-oil and the remains are used as an animal feed. It has high processing cost but can produce variety of products. Dry-milling is less versatile and used in the ethanol production process, the end product for this process is ethanol and low-value animal feed.

Corn Gluten Meal: Market by Geography

Corn gluten meal market can be segmented on the basis of regions as, North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. China is growing rapidly in the consumption of corn gluten meal using it as a crap feed, also China is largest producer of corn gluten meal as it owns large corn starch processing sector.

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Corn Gluten Meal: Key Players

Corn gluten meal market is dominated by the some of the key players like Cargill, Ingredion Incorporated, A.D.M. Engineering, Tate & Lyle plc., Sodrugestvo Group S.a., Agridient Inc., Pawar Agro Industries, Paramesu Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Meihua Holdings Group Co., Ltd., Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co. Ltd., Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co. Ltd. etc. among others.

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