Orange Concentrate Market – An Insight on the Important Factors and Trends Influencing the Market Forecast to 2024

Orange concentrate is the process in which juice from the fresh orange is squeezed leaving behind pulp, all liquid from juice is then dehydrated, yielding the product seven times more concentrated than juice. The process of orange concentration is done by compressing and then freezing the juice; this allow more efficient packaging and transportation, water is added again before selling the product. This dehydration of fresh oranges is creating many debates, at one end where the question is raising on its nutritional value, other end concentrated oranges are providing an opportunity of getting many varieties of food products fused with orange flavor.

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Global Orange Concentrate Market: Drivers & Restraints

The ever growing demand for fruit juices in every region of the world is the primary reason that enhance the growth of orange concentrate products across the globe. Growth in food and beverages industry is another reason to improve the market. The products of orange concentrate are three to seven times concentrated, which makes it very less in volume as compared to the fresh orange. This ease the transportation, shipping and warehouse of the product while being less expensive. Major drive orange concentrate provides to the end user industries is the nutritional value while being natural sweeteners, flavor and color agent to food over other edible synthetic sweeteners and artificial colors. This provides the manufacturers for labeling their foodstuffs as natural and a healthier version of products made from sucrose, synthetic flavoring, and color.

Although demand and necessity of concentrate orange in the market can be seen broadly but some factors such as awareness among consumers about occurrence of ill effect on consumption of excess fructose, awareness about benefits of fresh orange over concentrated orange and dependence of concentrated orange market on the production of oranges worldwide hinder the orange concentrate market worldwide. Orange concentrate market is also, to a scope, reliant on end use industries such as confectionary, beverages and bakery. Hence, market growth of orange concentrate market also depends upon the market growth of these end-use industries.

Global Orange Concentrate Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographies, orange concentrate market is segmented into seven regions – North America orange concentrate market, Latin America orange concentrate market, Eastern Europe orange concentrate market, Western Europe orange concentrate market, Asia Pacific excluding Japan orange concentrate market, Japan orange concentrate market and the Middle East & Africa orange concentrate market. Increasing awareness of the harsh effects of sugar, together with the growing demand for convenience foods among countries such as U.S, Canada, Mexico made North America and Latin America dominating region in the market of Orange Concentrate. The second leading region is Eastern and Western Europe where cObtain Report Details @ such as Germany, France, Italy, U.K and Spain practices orange concentrate juices mostly in confectionery and bakery segment of the food industry. Asia Pacific excluding Japan is an emerging region because of the developing countries such as China, India rising intake of nutritional food items. Besides, there is an increase in the forward trend towards the consumption of processed food products which further shows the growing use of orange concentrate.

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Global Orange Concentrate Market: Key Players

Few of the market players accounting on orange concentrate market includes Cargill Inc. (U.S.), Tate & Lyle (England), Ingredion (U.S.) and E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company (U.S.) among others. There is the competition among key players of this market for achieving market share, these companies are adapting several strategies such as partnership, innovative product development, expansion of existing facilities and merger and acquisition.

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