Renewable Energy Sources to Succinctly Power the Alaskan Micro-Grids

The Alaska Center for Research and Power has lately been propagating the integration of renewable resources with the Alaskan micro-grids in order to reduce the burden of fetching costly nonrenewable energy sources. The Alaskan micro-grids are deftly integrated to aid power to a large population in the region. The terrains of Alaska aren’t conducive to the establishment of large-scale grids, thus, enriching the utility of these micro-grids. These micro-grids are self-sufficient in producing up to 2 megawatts of electricity for the densely populated areas of Alaska. The integration of renewable resources is an important step towards making the entire micro-grid system more effective through reduced costs and optimized productivity.

Permanent Power Generation in Remote Regions of Alaska

The remoteness of certain communities and regions makes it difficult to supply fuel at their disposal. Since the micro-grids cannot be powered without sufficient fuel, the power-generation prospects in these regions are deteriorated. In this scenario, the integration of these grids to renewable sources of energy is a rational solution that could aid the remotest regions of Alaska. The region above the arctic circle experiences sun only half of the year, hence, they harness wind energy for power generation during the dark wintry days and utilize solar energy during summers. Experts of the Alaskan project of micro-grids believe that the employability techniques used in Alaska could trickle down to other remote regions in need of power.

Moving Toward Better Energy Management

Alaska is making concerted efforts to boost its renewable energy projects and has already invested

$250 million towards the initiative. This is expected to bolster the entire micro-grid circuit by ensuring a continuous supply of energy. Further, this would be a boon for the densely located regions of Alaska by ensuring continuous power.

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