Reverse Flame Steam Boiler Market share will expand till 2025

europe reverse flame steam boiler market

The features a monopolistic vendor landscape, with Bosch Industriekessel GmbH alone holding a massive 87.1% of the overall market in 2015, states Transparency Market Research (TMR) in a recent report. The Germany-based company has established stronghold in the European as well as global market and continues to command a strong position in the overall market through vast manufacturing capacities and an extensive product portfolio. To earn sustainable profits amid the monopoly, companies in the Europe reverse flame steam boiler market need to focus on increasing competitiveness through acquisitions and strategic alliances, technological innovations, and product differentiation.

Transparency Market Research estimates that the Europe market for reverse flame steam boilers will exhibit a 4.85% CAGR from 2017 to 2025, rising from a valuation of US$92.70 mn in 2016 to US$142.18 mn by 2025.


Boilers of Capacity 1,001 KW and Above to Generate Maximum Revenue

In terms of geography, countries in the Rest of Europe region dominated the Europe reverse flame steam boiler market in terms of revenue in 2016. This regional segment, comprising countries such as Russia, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Finland, and the Netherlands accounted for a significant 27.6% of the overall market in the said year. Italy is also a key regional market for reverse flame steam boilers, wherein the demand for biomass-fired boilers has surged owing to the trending shift from traditional steam boilers to more refined, energy-saving, and biomass-fired reverse flame steam boilers.

In terms of capacity, the segment of 1,001 KW and above dominated the reverse flame steam boiler market in Europe in 2016. The trend is expected to remain strong over the forecast period as well, with the demand for high capacity-based reverse flame steam boilers to witness a promising rise despite their high costs than low and medium capacity boilers. However, the segment of 101 – 1,0000 KW capacity reverse flame steam boilers is likely to register a higher growth rate owing to their high efficiency and affordability.

Rising Demand for Energy-efficient and Clean Energy-powered Boilers Propels Market

The rising preference to boilers that are powered on cleaner energy sources such as natural gas and biomass is one of the key factors driving the global market for reverse flame steam boilers. It has been observed that nearly 50% of boilers used in energy applications use natural gas as their primary fuel. The lower carbon dioxide emission rates, ready availability, low cost, and abundant supply of natural gas as compared to conventional fuels such as oil and coal are the key factors compelling energy companies to increasingly install boilers compatible with natural gas as a fuel. As reverse flame steam boilers run this advantage, their adoption has witnessed a significant rise in the past few years.

The market is also driven due to the increasing usage of flame steam boilers in power plants to generate electricity. The increased adoption of reverse flame steam boilers across the power industry has been encouraged by the need for improved energy efficiency of power plant and encouraging government incentives and rebates.

High Costs of Maintenance to Hinder Growth

The prices of natural gas, which is the primary fuel used in reverse flame steam boilers, have been adversely affected post the recent economic slowdown suffered by Europe. The fluctuating prices of natural gas have refrained power generation companies from expanding businesses or taking up new projects in the recent past, slowing down the demand for reverse flame steam boilers to an extent. However, this factor is expected to have only a moderate impact on the overall development of the market for reverse flame steam boilers in Europe in the next few years. The market will, instead, bore a bigger negative impact of factors such as the high initial costs, high costs of maintenance, and the gradually reducing efficiency of these boilers, which often presents the need for replacement.

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This review of the Europe reverse flame steam boiler market is based on a recent market research report published by Transparency Market Research, titled “Reverse Flame Steam Boiler Market (Capacity – Up to 100 KW, 101 KW – 1,000 KW, and 1,001 KW & Above; End Use – Food, Chemical, Refineries, Primary Metal, and Power Plants) – Europe Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017 – 2025.”

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