Spiromesifen Market to increase rapidly by 2024

Spiromesifen Market: Overview

Spiromesifen, a type of compound, is used for the protection of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. It functions as an efficient insecticide and miticide, and is available in the form of colorless crystals. Spiromesifen is produced synthetically and is applied as a spar by mixing it in water. The compound is used as a foliar insecticide on plants such as tea, strawberries, corns and tubers, cucurbits, potatoes, and leafy vegetables. It can efficiently control organisms such as whiteflies, aphids, psyllids, and mites such as rust mites, spider mites, broad, and flat and cyclamen mites.

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Spiromesifen belongs to a class of the new spirocyclic phenyl-substituted tetronic acid. It is highly effective against organisms that can be harmful toward the growth of crops or plants. Its unique mode of action makes it a preferable choice even at the initial stages of the lifecycle of insects and mites. Infection of plants, crops, or vegetables can be arrested at the initial stages, since spiromesifen is effective at all stages of growth in mites, including eggs. It is effective in the juvenile stages and also while the organism is an adult. In case of psyllids and whitefly, spiromesifen is known to be much effective at the pupal stages.

Ideally, the right time for the application of spiromesifen would be before leaf damage and discoloration and at the initial stages of the infection of crops. Spiromesifen functions as a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor, which is the reason for its high efficiency rate. It can easily terminate the growth of harmful pests, insects, and mites. It can be used individually or along with other pesticides, depending upon the level of damage that has occurred to the crops.

Spiromesifen Market: Trends

Spiromesifen is an essential part of resistance management of crops; hence, it is used widely in regions where crops are cultivated on a large scale. Of late, spiromesifen has replaced various age-old insecticides and miticides due to its better mode of action and early removal of pests and insects from infected plants or crops.

The trend usage of ornamental plants has been increasing of late. Spiromesifen is being employed widely for the protection of ornamental plants. This is primarily boosting the market for spiromesifen. Unlike other substances, spiromesifen is said to have less harmful effects and superior qualities. This is further anticipated to bolster the spiromesifen market in the near future.

Spiromesifen Market: Region-wise Outlook

The market for spiromesifen in Asia Pacific has been expanding significantly due to the presence of major agriculture based countries such as India and China in the region. Awareness about maintaining the quality of crops is increasing in Asia Pacific. This coupled with rise in population and growth in demand for food is propelling the demand for spiromesifen in the region.

The market for spiromesifen in North America is estimated to expand at a moderate pace during the forecast period since agricultural practices are comparatively less in the region. The market for spiromesifen in Europe and Latin America is projected to expand substantially, led by the increase in the rate of cultivation in countries such as Brazil, Spain, and Germany. However, the spiromesifen market in Middle East & Africa is likely to expand at a sluggish pace due to the lower number of agricultural activities vis-à-vis that in other regions.

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Spiromesifen Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the spiromesifen market include Bayer CropScience Limited, Sigma Aldrich, LGC Limited, A.S. Joshi & Company Ltd, Neelkanth Chemicals and Star Bio Science.

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