Aluminum Plates and Sheet Coils Market Size will Observe Substantial Growth by 2025

Aluminum plates and sheet coils are formed by passing aluminum between rolls under pressure to make it longer and thinner in the direction in which it is moved. Aluminum plates are one of the fundamental forms employed in metal working since they can be cut and bent into various shapes and sizes. Aluminum plates are popular due to their high flexibility, cost effectiveness, and wide range of options. Aluminum plates are commonly available in grades of 1100-H14, 5052-H32, 3003-H14, and 6061-T6. Grade 3003-H14 aluminum plates are stronger and utilized in mail boxes, fan blades, tanks, and cabinets. Grade 5052-H32 is the strongest and employed in pressure vessels, and the manufacturing of automotive chassis systems. Similarly, grade 6061-T6 is corrosion resistant, easily weld able and strong, but it loses some of its strength while welding. This grade of aluminum plate is utilized in modern aircraft structures.

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Aluminum plate is available for a wide range of alloys, 7075 being the most commonly used alloy. This alloy is commonly employed in aerospace and marine industries. Aluminum sheet coils are utilized for a wide range of applications. It is employed in truck bodies in the automotive sector while in the construction and building industry it is used for insulation. Aluminum sheet coils are available in a wide variety of alloys are available. . The width of aluminum sheet coils are generally 1000mm, 1250mm, and 1500mm. Aluminum plates and sheet coils are highly non-corrosive, resistant towards heat, and have high thermal conductivity for which they are extensively used in the automotive sector, construction industry, aerospace industry, and in power generation industry.

Favorable properties such as light weight, non-corrosive, high thermal conductivity have propelled the utilization of aluminum plates and sheet coils in the automotive sector, replacing steel and other metals. The automotive sector has witnessed a shift in its preference toward lightweight vehicles, and this shift is a major factor which has led to an increase in demand for aluminum plates and sheet coils. Furthermore, aluminum plates and sheet coils are extensively employed in the building and construction industry since they provide high conductivity and energy efficiency in constructing sustainable buildings. Aluminum plates are further utilized in the food and beverage industry for packaging and preserving. Therefore, increase in consumption of ready-to-eat food and improved lifestyle are anticipated to fuel the expansion of the aluminum plates and sheet coils market.

However, aluminum plates and sheet coils have high friction and hence, generate large amount of heat. Therefore, their usage in the automotive sector can be harmful, since friction in the gear of a vehicle is likely to produce large amount of heat, which is estimated to heat up the engine. This, in turn, can lead to malfunctioning of the vehicle. Aluminum plates and sheet coils are also bad absorbers of vibration shock and hence, their usage in buildings can be of a disadvantage during earthquakes. These few unfavorable qualities of aluminum plates and sheet coils are projected to create mild hindrances in the expansion of the market.

The global aluminum plate and sheet coils market can be segmented into end-users and geography. In terms of end-users, the market can be segmented into building and construction, automobiles, aerospace, defense, and power generation industries. The automobiles sector is estimated to dominate the market due to an increase in production of lightweight vehicles and therefore, increase in usage of aluminum plates and sheet coils. However, the food & beverage industry segment of the market is likely to expand rapidly.

In terms of geography, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America. Asia Pacific is expected to hold significant share of the market during the forecast period due to the expanding automobiles sector. Improved lifestyle coupled with increase in disposable income, has further increased the consumption of packaged food and beverages, which is anticipated to increase the need for aluminum plate and sheet coils in the region.

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Key aluminum plate and sheet coils vendors and manufacturing companies operating in this market include Hindalco Industries (India), Alcoa (France), Aleris (Canada), Constellium (U.K.), and Norsk Hydro (Belgium).

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