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Organic Waste can be used for Producing Power Resources, States New Study

A study led by Uisung Lee of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory found that various organic wastes such as wood, food, paper, and yard trimmings, which emits significant amount of methane per year in the United States, could be efficiently used for producing liquid fuels and renewable natural gases such as diesel and gasoline. Published in the Cleaner Production Journal, this study has a motive of helping

Transgrid Talks about Feasibility and Affordability of 100% Renewable Power

Transmission giant Transgrid reports that complete sustainable power source is both doable and cost-effective, and is asking policy makers to venture out in huge ways in light of the fact that incremental change won’t convey climate objectives or potential fund savings. Meehan said the present interest in big-scale wind and solar was thrilling, however the nation would need to step out and include renewables in several hundreds of megawatts to

Energy Consumers in America Gaining Offshore Energy Prospects

Today API encouraged the organization to extend the following five-year offshore natural gas and oil renting system to incorporate regions of the Outer Continental Shelf, counting the Arctic, Eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic, with prospective for novel national energy resources, creation of jobs, expanded government income, and reinforced national security. How is it taking place? The director of API Upstream, Erik Milito said that they have an open

New Projects Announced in Turkey to Ramp up Solar Power Generation

Driven by a surge in generation of solar energy in the last five months in Turkey, the potential of the solar sector in the nation is poised to expand substantially in the coming years. Several solar power developers have recently announced a large number of upcoming projects related to solar power generation in various cities of Turkey. These projects will be sustained by numerous ventures and collaborations among government and

Solar Eclipse to Affect Solar Powered Generators across the US

The nearing solar eclipse of August 21 will have an impact on solar power based electricity production in the U.S. As much as 1900 utility scale solar photovoltaic power plants will receive obscured sunlight as a result of this phenomenon. However, only a small solar photovoltaic capacity lies in the path of complete darkness where the moon will completely cover the sun. As per the North American Electric Reliability Corporation,