Panchali Mallik

New Projects Announced in Turkey to Ramp up Solar Power Generation

Driven by a surge in generation of solar energy in the last five months in Turkey, the potential of the solar sector in the nation is poised to expand substantially in the coming years. Several solar power developers have recently announced a large number of upcoming projects related to solar power generation in various cities of Turkey. These projects will be sustained by numerous ventures and collaborations among government and

Solar Eclipse to Affect Solar Powered Generators across the US

The nearing solar eclipse of August 21 will have an impact on solar power based electricity production in the U.S. As much as 1900 utility scale solar photovoltaic power plants will receive obscured sunlight as a result of this phenomenon. However, only a small solar photovoltaic capacity lies in the path of complete darkness where the moon will completely cover the sun. As per the North American Electric Reliability Corporation,

Key Topics at Offshore Wind Executive Summit

The Offshore Wind Executive Summit was held recently in Houston, where representatives of top energy firms came together to discuss some of the key topics that are pressing on the oil and gas sector today. Members from US Wind, Avangrid/Iberdrola, DONG Energy, and Statoil, among others, got to the brass tacks regarding why they need to start off into offshore wind energy despite spending so many years in the oil

Challenges of Providing Right Taste, Texture, and Clean Label

The right texture can make all the difference in taste of soups, salad dressings, gravies, sauces, baked goods, and other items. However, what is desirable in one food item by a consumer may be repulsive for another consumer! Every hydrocolloid offers different texture and functionalities. Understanding the nuances and how they interact with a product is important for successful formulations, said the beverage technology manager of TIC Gums, Dan Grazaitis.

Don’t Just Restrict Calorie Intake, Refrain from Smelling!

Eating less, so long as you do not starve is known to extend life in around 20 species of animals, the how this works part is still unclear. A new study has found that not just what you eat and how much you eat, that has an impact on your body, but also what you smell. Smelling food could influence the aging process! Autophagy May Impact Lifespan By making use