Panchali Mallik

Schützengarten Installs Robotic Secondary Packaging System

One of Switzerland’s oldest breweries, Schützengarten, is taking pioneering steps in embracing modern advances to stay in touch with current times, by installing a robotic cartoning system in its secondary packaging workflow. The robotic cartoning system has resulted in a significant improvement of the output of multipacks, from 25,000 to 35,000 bottles per hour. Schützengarten Trying to Preserve Legacy of Innovative Packaging Solutions Schützengarten is renowned for the diversity of

Mushroom, a mobile app, uses artificial intelligence and photography to identify various types of mushroom varieties. It is made to be used by foragers to recognize edible mushrooms, however, scientist are concerned about its accuracy and commented that it could be deadly. Mycologists, people who study fungi, said that close inspection is need to identify edible varieties of mushrooms. Furthermore, seasoned foragers too supported this statement. Cab Davidson, an expert

Lockheed Martin, an American global defense, aerospace, security & advanced technology company has invested $350 million in a facility that is anticipated to build next-generation satellites. The site is located near Denver, on the company’s Waterson Canyon Campus, which aims at reducing cost and turnaround time for the upcoming innovations. The Gateway Center is estimated to be completed by 2020, including a state-of-art clean room that would build a range

Tesla is giving tough competition to two distinct industries in a span of only one week. In a bid to find alternative to conventional fuels for vehicles, Tesla’s Model 3 electric car is the first radical offering that will take the automobile industry to new heights. Solar roof, the second offering from the company is set to give a new dimension to energy saving pursuits. Earlier last week, Tesla reported

SpaceX to Send Privately Crewed Dragon Spacecraft around the Moon in 2018

The recent announcement by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation that it plans to send two tourists on a trip around the moon has created an upheaval and raised hopes in the otherwise lackluster space industry. The company widely known as SpaceX, an American aerospace manufacturer and pioneers in offering space transport services based in California, is privately owned by US billionaire Elon Musk. Famed for being Series A investor, Musk is