Canadian Solar Inc. Lays First Stone of Two New Solar Projects in Japan

Canadian Solar has publicized the successful inauguration of the construction of two new projects related to solar power in Japan that would total up to 12.9 MWp. The company is counted among the largest solar power firms in the world. The company’s MaxPower modules of high efficiency numbering 32,640 have been planned to power the Shizuoka Project of 10.77 MWp. Each year, the plant has been anticipated to generate reliable and clean solar electricity reaching up to an approximate 12,971 MWh, once it is connected to the grid.

Canadian Solar has projected the Shizuoka Project to start commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2018. The solar electricity will be bought by Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. at a JPY36.0 (US$0.32) per kWh after signing a 20-year feed-in-tariff contract.

Miyagi Marks Company’s First Project in Region Severely Impacted by Great East Japan Earthquake

The same high-efficiency MaxPower modules of Canadian Solar will be engaged for another project of the company, i.e. the Miyagi Project, of 2.1 MWp. Nearly 6,650 of the modules will be used in the project that has been expected to generate solar electricity of an estimate 2,400 MWh. The dependent and clean solar electricity produced has been scheduled to be bought by Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. at the same rate as fixed for the Shizuoka Project, i.e. JPY36.0 (US$0.32) per kWh. Moreover, the same feed-in-tariff contract of 20 years has been envisioned to be signed. However, the commercial operation of this project has been planned to begin in the third quarter of 2018.

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