Honeywell Resolves to Combat Cyber Security Issues

Honeywell has recently upped its gradient in addressing cyber security concerns by making a promising set of changes to its framework. The President and Manager of Honeywell, Jeff Zindel, believes that the efforts of the company towards safeguarding the critical data of organizations would offer a sense of cohesion to the entire domain of cyber security. They have inducted rational experts and succinct resources which shall contribute towards managing a range of services viz. protection management, continuous monitoring and alerting, intelligence reporting, and perimeter and intrusion management.

Venturing into New Avenues to Enhance Security

Honeywell has introduced a host of departments that’d cater to their objective of strengthening cyber security across all longitudes. The prime bureau in this regard is their cyber security lab which offers in-house training, conducts extensive research, and devices pragmatic cyber security solutions. With the first such lab opening in Duluth, Georgia, they recently commenced a lab in Singapore and also have plans to expand to Dubai. Honeywell also acquired NextNine which is expected to escalate the development of cyber security technologies by felicitating remote monitoring of assets in various industries. The Secure Media Exchange (SMX) of Honeywell coupled with their Advanced Threat Intelligence Exchange (ATIX) would serve dual benefits viz. protection against USB-borne threats and labor minimization.

Contemporary Trends Exhibited by Companies towards Cyber Security Services

Honeywell believes that the recent incidents of cyber security pitfalls, adversely affecting companies like Sony and WannaCry, have encouraged others to resort to cyber security services. Honeywell is receiving increasing number of requests for mitigation, remediation, and advanced cyber security controls. Further, the company is dedicated to streamline information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) by bridging the gap between the two.

At the inception of 2015 Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), Honeywell made a commitment to revolutionize the cyber security landscape and make substantial contributions to it. They have been true to their commitment and have taken greater leaps in enhancing cyber security solutions for the new-age.

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