Innovations in Communication could Render Smartphones Obsolete

Mobile phones that have become part and parcel of everyday life are changing the way the world operates. The wireless device to talk, watch movies, banking transaction and much more was unthinkable less than five decades ago. This is because of human psyche to not to believe what is not physically present in front of the eyes.

Since antiquity communication is the basis of human existence. The medium of communication, however, has been evolving with advancement in technology. The smart devices that are used today enable us to do many things beyond communication. The world in our palm using a smart device was beyond imagination some two decades ago.

All-in-one Communication Devices to Shape Communication in Future

With changing needs smartphones may disappear how Telegram disappeared years back. As per insights from a study by Ericsson Consumer Lab, smartphones are expected to become obsolete soon and will be taken over by artificial intelligence that does not require a smartphone or a tablet. A compact variant or a device that of the size of a ring may replace present day smartphones. These innovations are expected to eliminate the existence of hardware devices completely.

The popularity of fitness and wellness regime has already prophesied how wearable technology is expected to become a mass product and serve as an all-in-one mobile solution. Our world may only have voiceless communication as everything would be done by devices and sensors. With changing consumer needs, innovation has become the mantra of success in the world. Device manufacturers and service providers are striving to roll out new products that satisfy value for money demands.

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