Strongbow’s New Artisanal Blend Flavor to Usher in Autumn Apple Season

Strongbow Artisanal Blend, a new apple cider flavor blended and cold-pressed together and crafted with heirloom varieties, has been expected to make appearance in autumn, at the beginning of September. Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders will be presenting this new offering in limited-edition mini-can four, variety 24, and variety 12 packs and six-pack bottles. The brand has stated the new offering as the one without artificial colors or flavors and having a semi-sweet taste. Portfolio Brands vice president, Jessica Robinson has indicated that a 78.0% consumers have said they would buy Artisanal Blend, during a product testing.

Massive Consumer Sampling to Start at US$1.0 Retail Price in September

At a recommended retail price of US$1.0, Strongbow Artisanal Blend will be introduced in a four-pack mini-cans consumer sampling to attract new cider drinkers and create awareness about the new flavor. Retailers have been anticipated to cash in on the fact that an estimated 74.0% mini-can buyers are new to cider while a 90.0% of them are new to Strongbow, based on a limited-time spring offering. Also available in packs of six, Artisanal Blend has been projected to concurrently replace Strongbow Honey in the Strongbow Variety Pack with 12 bottles, alongside Strongbow Cherry Blossom, Strongbow Gold Apple, and Strongbow Orange Blossom.

While Strongbow Cherry Blossom and Strongbow Orange Blossom have been predicted to contain 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) and Strongbow Honey and Strongbow Gold Apple 5.0% ABV, Artisanal Blend could be a 6.0% ABV. All gluten-free flavors in the new Variety Pack have been foreseen to be sold in 11.2 oz. bottles.

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