Manufacturing High Power Batteries through New Class of Materials

The optimization of battery power has been on the top of the minds of several researchers and research institutes. In a similar feat, a team of researchers at Cambridge University have found out a blend of lithium ions and crystalline structures that can help in Manufacturing High Power Batteries. This blend enables the lithium ions to travel faster through the electrode materials, thus, enabling the maximization of battery life. Tungsten oxides do not acquire high densities but can attain faster rates of charging in typical conditions of cycling. The properties, chemical behaviour, and physical structure of the tungsten oxides offer pensive insights to the researchers. The researchers project that they will be able to find ways of manufacturing safer batteries that can be charged at a much faster rate than conventional batteries.

Super-Charge High Power Batteries

The researchers of the study state that all of the technologies have been attaining agility and swifter dispositions save the domain of batteries. Although the battery of smart phones can be charged within minutes, other types of batteries are incapable of being charged at this rate. The research also states that the development of two key technologies viz. solar grids and electric vehicles is also being hampered due to the unavailability of super-charge high power batteries.

Future Research

The researchers believe that a number of key technologies would be enhanced with the advent of super-charge batteries. Currently, most batteries are based on similar crystalline structures, and the new tungsten oxide structure would help in building better batteries.

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