Plans to Power Steel Industry through Clean Energy in Austria

Scientists, researchers, and environmentalists are on a quest to find environment-friendly ways of clean energy production. Along the same lines, a team of researchers has put forth the world’s largest pilot project for producing green hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel has several applications such as powering various modes of transport and rocket engines. It is anticipated that hydrogen, along with electricity, will emerge as an important energy type in the coming years. Some of the key areas where hydrogen becomes an important powering input are aircrafts, vehicles, and buildings. Hydrogen is expected to be used for meeting 20% of the total energy requirements of the world’s population, as stated by The Hydrogen Council.

Hydrogen in Iron and Steel Industry

An ongoing project in Austria aims to blend the use of fuels cells with the potential held by hydrogen to generate clean energy and “green” hydrogen that could suffice the country’s iron and steel manufacturing industry. The operations within the iron and steel manufacturing industry account for 7% of the total CO2 emissions across the world, as stated by the International Energy Agency. A host of electricity companies in Austria have joined hands to build a robust polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) that could produce power as high as 6MW.

Advantages of New System

The new system devised by the pool of electricity companies in Austria is expected to produce hydrogen with zero emissions and shall also lower the total costs of maintenance. Furthermore, the system is also safer for the workers as it does not entail any risks to life.

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