New Biogas Plant at Distillery in Scotland to Generate Renewable Heat

In its latest business move, Clearfleau the leading provider of on-site biogas plants in the U.K. has started work on a distillery for Inver House at Balmenach. The 200 year old distillery located in rural Speyside is already equipped with a biomass boiler and on completion of the biogas plant it will boast to be among the ones with lowest carbon footprint in Scotland.

Prior to this, Clearfleau has already installed two biogas plants at distillery sites in Scotland. The Balmenach project is the smallest capacity biogas the company has built so far, which showcases the technology is viable at different scales. The manufacture of spirits in a distillery is energy-intensive. To utilize the latent energy from whisky co-products, anaerobic digestion is a cost-effective method for energy-rich residues to be disposed of in the best manner.

Energy Generated from Biogas Plant to be used as Feedstock for Energy Needs in Distillery

As stated by a Clearfleau associate, Clearfleau is paving the way for Balmenach whisky to receive a green image, and also give a warmer glow to individuals who enjoy drinking it. Upon completion of the bio-gas plant, the distillery’s co-products will be useful to produce renewable energy thereby helping to reduce power and other costs.

Clearfleau’s initiative at Balmenach will treat approximately 130m3 of whisky co-products each day. Resultantly, more than 200m3 biogas per day will be used as feedstock for a combined heat and power (CHP) engine that will generate 200Kw of power and 230Kw heat to be used for operation in the distillery sites. The biogas plant will be combined with the existing biomass boiler to add to the supply of renewable heat to the distillery.

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