Sparrows Group Acquires Alpha Offshore Services to Strengthen its Game

In an attempt to consolidate their grounding in the renewables sector, the Sparrows Group has acquired the wind energy specialist Alpha Offshore Services A/S. The latter has a proven history of success in providing engineering personnel and scrutiny services for the energy sector. Alpha Offshore Services has also shown adroitness in operations, maintenance, and commissioning services to offshore and onshore wind developments. The company would substantially assist Sparrows group in expanding the scope of their operations by providing expert solutions and resources in the wind energy industry.

Cementing Progress in Renewables

The two entities would complement each other’s efficiency by optimizing the available resources. Sparrows group has a wide reaching network that spans across the fields of mechanical, structural, hydraulic, and electrical works. The acquisition would now grant them access to the oil and gas sector as well. The core knowledge and deep-seated experience of Alpha Offshore towards catering to services such as turbine generator repairs, upgrades, and inspections would bolster the progress of Sparrows Group. Moreover, Alpha offshore has been a prominent player in the market and has maintained agility in the supply chain with their expertise in production and supply, which shall proliferate the growth of Sparrows Group.

Perks for Alpha Offshore

For Alpha Offshore, it is a win-win situation because they can retain their management while gaining international reckon through the extensive network of Sparrows Group. The acquisition would provide an impetus for Alpha Offshore to divulge into new regions such as Asia and US. Moreover, they will now have a pool of skilled technicians who could aid the progress of the Alpha Offshore group. Sparrows has announced to supply a set of 103 turbine platform cranes to an offshore wind farm, which is by far their largest contracts in renewables.

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