New Plant at Ethiopia to Convert Waste into Energy

As a welcome step for the energy sector, Ethiopia recently inaugurated an energy-centric power plant that converts waste into energy. The plant is strategically located near a huge open-air dump that suffered a severe landslide last year. The plant, located in the Addis Ababa region, is expected to turn the fortunes of the energy sector in Ethiopia and offer an opportunity to produce more energy in the coming years. The Waste into Energy plant is named Reppie and is the first of its kind in all of Africa; it is projected that the plant will convert 1,400 tons of waste into usable energy every day. Cambridge Industries, in collaboration with the government in Ethiopia, is behind the launching of the energy-centric plant in Ethiopia.

Developments in Ethiopia

Huge scale investments towards the creation of wind power, geothermal energy, and hydro power have been made by the government of Ethiopia over the past decade, explained Mulatu Teshome, the Ethiopian President. The use of biomass is expected to be another key step towards the production of clean and renewable energy. The open-air dump that surrounds the new plant is called Koshe and has been accumulating garbage and wastes of over 4 million people.

Atoning for Flaws

The advent of the new power plant is expected to bring in atonement for the government that has been accused of ignorance towards the land. A massive landslide that killed thousands of people in thr Koshe area last year has kept the government under the radar of criticism, and this move could help government officials in vindicating themselves.

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