Possibility of Smart Textiles via Novel Sensors

The concept of smart textiles is not new and has been under discussion in the clothing industry for a long time. Smart textiles could enable the manufacture of garments that can used to track the location and motion of individuals. A recent research conducted at the University of Delaware points to the possibility of manufacturing textiles that are equipped with novel sensors. Fibres such as nylon, cotton, and wool are amongst the key textiles that have been used a part of the research conducted at the University. ACS Sensors journal published the findings of the research and the results are expected to launch the textiles industry into a new world of possibilities.

Genesis of the Study

The ability of smart textiles to sense motion of individuals relies on the flexibility and touch-response of the fabric. Furthermore, visible electrical changes are offset across the textile once it is squeezed, thus, making it easier to know the sensing capabilities of the textile. The process of electrophoretic deposition is used to create nano-composite coatings on the textiles. A nano-film is bonded to the surface of the textile and it enhances the ability of textiles to sense the motion of the body.

Future Research

The textiles industry has always been at the periphery of development and the emergence of smart textiles is expected to launch it towards fruition. It is expected that the demand for smart textiles would touch new heights in the future. Besides this, the findings of the research are expected to open avenues for future research in the textiles industry.

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