Para Chloroaniline Market Strategies and Forecasts 2024

Para chloroaniline also known as 4-chloroaniline is a pale yellow solid with a very sweet odor and is one of the numerous known chloroanilines. Para chloroaniline is not manufactured from aniline as aniline has a tendency to over chlorinate. However, para chloroaniline is produced from hydrogenation of a chemical known as 4-nitrochlorobenzene, which in turn is obtained by the nitration of chlorobenzene. Para chloroaniline is insoluble in cold water; however, it is soluble in hot water. Para chloroaniline is highly incompatible with oxidizing agents, acids, acid chlorides, chloroformates and acid anhydrides. Para chloroaniline is considered a carcinogen and hence is to be handled with extreme caution.

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Para chloroaniline is employed in a wide range of applications – as a building block in the manufacture of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, drugs and dyestuffs. Para chloroaniline is used in the production of a variety of pesticides including chlorpthalim, anilofos, pyraclostrobin and monolinuron. Moreover, para chloroaniline is also used in the production of a few benzodiazepine drugs. Para chloroaniline is also employed as a precursor in the production of the widely used bacteriocide and antimicrobial chlorhexidine.

Para chloroaniline’s insecticidal and pesticidal properties are what give it high demand in the market. Due to its carcinogenic effects and the other health hazards, a few countries do not include it in the list of authorized active substances. Traces of this chemical were also found to contaminate ground water in certain countries which in turn led to the pollution of drinking water. This also added to the disadvantages of this chemical, further lowering its market. In addition, para chloroaniline is also employed in the manufacture of dyes and dyestuffs. The driving factors of para chloroaniline in the dye market include growing demand of dyes in the textile, food, and plastic industries among others. Due to the ease of its use and good chemical binding to fibers its demand has been huge over the past few years. Countries where textile industries have been on the rise have increased the market for dyes as well. The rising demand from paints and coatings industries, textile, construction, and plastics is expected to drive the market for dyes. This in turn is expected to drive the demand for para chloroaniline during the forecast period. The carcinogenic properties of para chloroaniline coupled with the hazardous effects it has on the environment can also be considered a major restraint for this market.

The major segments for this industry include Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World. North America, specifically the U.S., has a huge market for this product owing to its tremendous production of genetically modified crops. Due to stringent regulations prevalent in Europe a safer alternative using para chloroaniline is yet to be introduced in this market. Asia Pacific is one of the major markets for para chloroaniline. In Asia Pacific, China, India, Indonesia etc. are expected to be the major markets for para chloroaniline in the next few years. The market for para chloroaniline is mature in North America and Europe owing to the strict regulations put forth by the government.

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The key companies present in the market, which manufacture para chloroaniline, include A.B. Enterprises; Panoli Intermidiates Pvt. Ltd., Frontier Chemical Company, Megha International, Premier Group of Industries, Kevin India Co., LobaChemie Pvt. Ltd., Yashashvi Rasayan Pvt. Ltd and Shanxi Weinan Juyuan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. among other companies.

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