Find Me A Shoe Launches Personalized Virtual Footwear Fitting Service

EMBL Retail, Inc. brand, Find Me A Shoe has publicized the launch of the beta edition of ‘Try Me,’ a virtual footwear fitting service. This launch has coincided with the retail technology startup’s pick for the admired Techstars Retail 2017 Accelerator Program. Online footwear shoppers have been expected to enjoy an oh-so-easy shopping experience with the advent of an all-encompassing footwear fit and size recommendation app by the company. Using personalized fitting algorithms and precision measurements that are beyond a conventional shoe scale system, the mobile and vision-based application offers precise shoe recommendations.

“We don’t Use Analytics or Purchase History,” says CEO

Footwear brand outlets and retailers have been anticipated to be the primary receivers of Find Me A Shoe’s fitting service. With just a click, the patent pending technological innovation could help customers to find a fit. The shopper’s foot could be simulated inside every shoe model by the recommendation engine before advising the best fit and size. As complex computer vision algorithms enabled with artificial intelligence (AI) are run by cloud-based servers, the recommendations provided could ensure that the shopper’s toes and heels fit comfortably in the new shoes.

Inevitable complications that accompany online shopping have been predicted to be largely addressed by Find Me A Shoe backed by years of technology development and consumer research. CEO Anand Ganesan has said that the company is the pioneer in the personalized fitting domain and does not use purchase history or analytics. According to Ganesan, the company has brought to the world the first personalized virtual trial shopping.

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